The Mani Co.

Offering premium quality nail polish, The Mani Co. is redefining beauty as a way of self-care and wellness.


Isaiah Montoya

Branding, website design, e-commerce website development

With wellness and awareness at its forefront, The Mani Co. is a luxury brand at its core. We created a logo and mark that felt premium, and combined it with textures and imagery reminiscent of nail paints.

The Mani Co. | Amanda Lui

Promoting inner beauty with outer beauty

Because of the unique take on beauty as a means to wellness, we focused heavily on brand messaging on the main page of the website.

The Mani Co. | Amanda Lui

We went with a very straightforward shopping experience to let the nail polish colors stand out for themselves.

The Mani Co. | Amanda Lui
The Mani Co. | Amanda Lui

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