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Walt Disney Imagineering is the birthplace of all Disney theme parks around the world. Our team created tools to visualize data, convey strategic planning, communicate critical details to senior executives, and inform decision making.

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Information design, data analysis


Disney demands excellent storytelling throughout all of its parks, products, and films. Our work internally was no exception.

Walt Disney Imagineering | Amanda Lui

Optimizing for executive review

Disney Parks and Experiences consists of 12 theme parks, 50+ hotels, a top-rated cruise line, and other unique vacation experiences.

Providing a holistic overview while also including detail across each destination was a continuous challenge.

Walt Disney Imagineering | Amanda Lui


We collaborated with various teams across the Disney Parks and Experiences businesses. Our teams continuously worked to streamline communication by creating digital tools to keep key stakeholders informed.


Keynote Animation

Walt Disney Imagineering | Amanda Lui Walt Disney Imagineering | Amanda Lui

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