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Albert is a financial service that uses powerful technology to automate your finances, with a team of human experts to guide you.


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On a mission to help millions of Americans achieve financial wellness

Albert conducts your financial life so you can make good money decisions with confidence. Whether you’re looking for help with immediate decisions impacting your life now, or are seeking guidance for long-term planning, Albert makes money management easy.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Offering tools and guidance for a holistic view on personal finances

Millions of people are priced out of access to financial advice and tools that they want and need. Albert fills this gap.

Albert offers four main features to help anyone meet their financial goals: Instant, Savings, Investments, and Budget.

People can choose a DIY approach with the free version of the app, or they can subscribe to Albert’s Genius service to put their finances on auto-pilot. Subscribers can also get guidance from Albert’s geniuses, a team of human financial experts.

Albert | Amanda Lui

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