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It's one app for all of your finances. Albert helps you save, invest, and budget — all in one place. Plus, human experts by your side to guide you.

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Financial wellness

Millions of Americans are priced out of access to financial advice and tools they deserve. Albert is on a mission to bridge the gap.

The Albert app covers anything from an automated budget to saving and investing. By putting all your finances in one place, your budget can intelligently allocate your money across bills, necessities, and funds for the future.

Albert app | Amanda Lui
Albert app | Amanda Lui
Albert app | Amanda Lui

Albert Savings

Maximize savings, one week at a time.
On any budget.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Automated savings

With Smart Savings, Albert analyzes income and spending throughout the week and automatically saves what's safe to put aside. It adjusts based on individual needs and works for any budget. Albert's algorithm maximizes savings and can help people save more, faster.


  • Smart Savings
  • Save a set amount on a recurring schedule
  • Create and prioritize savings goals

Albert Investing

An investing experience for beginning and advanced investors alike.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Guided investing

Start by answering a few questions to analyze your needs. Then, get a custom Portfolio by Genius that matches your timeframe and risk profile. Albert also offers a selection of funds (ETFs) and stocks for those who want more customization.

With auto-investing, invest money on a recurring schedule across customizable allocations.


  • Auto-investing
  • Portfolio by Genius
  • Fractional share and ETF trading

Albert Instant

Advance cash to stay afloat until payday and avoid overdrafts and overspending.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Cash advances

Most people get paid on a recurring pay cycle. And there are times where money has been earned but not yet paid out. In times of need, Albert can advance money from a future paycheck. To help avoid overdrafts and bridge the gap between paychecks.


  • Interest free, non-recourse advances
  • Instant advance transfers within minutes for a small fee
  • Free standard advance transfers within 2–3 business days

Albert Planning

A coverage kit to protect what matters most.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Insurance coverage

Insurance helps protect loved ones, homes, belongings, and financial futures. Albert works with partners to provide quotes and insurance. Read content in the app to better understand the different types of insurances and what they mean.


  • Life insurance integration
  • Home and renters insurance integration
  • Car insurance quote comparison

Guidance from Albert’s team of
financial experts.

Albert | Amanda Lui

Albert Genius

Some decisions require human empathy to understand what options may be best for an individual. Genius is Albert’s team of financial experts. Comprised of real human experts, they combine the app’s powerful tech with their unique insights to offer guidance.


  • Genius advice over text message
  • Missions with content on financial topics
  • Timeline to track missions, view topics, and celebrate milestones

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